What if someday, hopefully not, you encounter a situation where had an injury. An accident that hinders you from doing your job or for doing your daily routine. Sounds frustrating right? But indeed, accidents are inevitable. But of course, you already prepared for these cases that is why you get an insurance. Unfortunately, the company you trusted for your life turns it back to you. The insurance refuses to help you, what will you do? Don’t lose hope and let the Wetzel Law Firm solve your problem.

Who is Wetzel Law Firm? The firm is located in Biloxi, Mississippi.  A place where the best personal injury counsels are from.To top it all, the said firm is a pioneer institution in Biloxi. It is a premier firm since 1979 when it was created. It comprises of experienced attorneys who have cared, fought and especially won cases for their clients. Unlike other firms, they have handled a bigger variety of personal injury cases and in every type of the accident, there is an experienced attorney who can assist you.

The types of the personal injury cases they are handling are the following:

  1. Car Accident- Due to some circumstances like negligence of the street drivers or poor construction of the roads, this injury may be inevitable. Luckily, Wetzel Law Firm can guide and help you win your case.
  2. Construction Accidents- Company accidents, especially in construction sites, are rampant. In case you get injured, the HR of the company will definitely help you with your compensation. But it is advised to get your personal injury lawyer for your security and this firm is the best help you can get. This legal counsel has attorneys which are medically knowledgeable about this kind of accident and are much prepared before your hearings.
  3. Medical Malpractice- The most trusted professionals about your health are the doctors. Indeed it is frustrating if there is an improper medical procedure done by these experts. Compensation regarding this injury is really hard to get but in Wetzel Law Firm, they have the attorneys who can help you resolve this case.

Aside from mentioned, the said firm has also services for wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, truck and 18 wheeler accidents and many more

This firm is indeed a pioneer. A legal help that aims to help you genuinely and not just to earn from you.