Instances of builders distressingbuyersoverflow in this nation in all cities and towns. Unfortunately few of them distressedindividuals take to the legal recourse and even when some do, satisfactory materials and reasons are not built up in support and with the powerful money and muscle powers often builders go scot-free. Instead of frustrating your right it is advisable to hire the top builder dispute advocate in Bangalore.

Also the splendidpride of every individual who has learnt 26 alphabets of a to z, considering himself as skilled of understanding every text written by using these alphabets, often lead to failure of cases because common people sometime didn’t get the complexities of law which result in miscarriage of cases. Appropriate legal advice is necessaryrequisite for successful pursuit of cases before consumer forum. With this circumstantial, I would state that with increasing cases of harassment by builder which frequently arose in city like Bangalore reason being metro city to help you with best legal consultation legal resolved provide you best builder dispute attorney in Bangalore.

Telephonic discussions, messages in current time are the usualfear which will never come to light in court. Every notice of the builder has to be replied by letter or email, if such statement is allowable under the agreement. But generally Letters are advisable to be sent by registered post A.D. and it is suggested to avoid courier service.


The acknowledgment, notice if received, is to be preciselyattached to the photocopy of such message. Every such notice should contain description of the doings of omission and commission, of the constructor in detail  for e.g. Dates, period of conversation if any, details of persons communicated, place where interactions took place are to be mentioned in detail. It is not sufficient to mention ‘your representative’, ‘many times’ etc.

The well print sections of the agreement are has to be read carefully. Maximum of these agreements run into lots of pages and often cover clauses that are one-sided mostly biased towards builder. These contracts often cover arbitration clauses also. The generalinfluence of these clauses is the result of purchaser’s own fault of not compensatingpayments or to carefully read text or studied. Thereafter a knowledgeablechoice to approach consumer forum is to be taken. All these needtolerant and determined groundwork. Save the generalities presented as above, more accurate answer is not possible give; henceforth require advice of best lawyer who will be aware with all the legal complexities.

To escape difficulties you should at all times have a written agreement between you and the dealer. And it’s essential to do your exercise – make sure you get several prices before deciding your deal, select a suggested trader and make sure they are a member of a professional body.

Therefore we decided to pen this post to make the overall consumer conscious of drawbacks in dealing with a builder, and in what way they can take the provision of legal process to fight them back.