Recent years have seen the disparity between different classes of jobs become ever more evident. While IT professionals sit at a desk, code away and pocket a hefty pay packet at the end of the month, blue collar workers work in conditions that are a universe away. Thus, it is no surprise that the number of injuries and work-related illnesses is exponentially more in the case of blue collar workers.

This unfairness extends to how workers are treated upon the occurrence of a serious injury or illness. To avail compensation from their employers, they have to navigate through a veritable mountain of paperwork, with innumerable legalities and complications, which are difficult for the layman to comprehend. This is where Philadelphia Workers Compensation Lawyers steps in.

When a worker has a serious accident at work, or contracts an ailment which is directly caused by his working conditions, the following steps must be followed immediately.

  • Getting a proper medical assessment: – Every employee claim must be backed by legal documentation. The most important document that grants credibility to the claim is the doctors’ report. An experienced medical practitioner vouching for the fact that the employee’s ailment is directly caused by his work conditions leaves the employers legally bound to pay compensation. They cannot hide behind legal jargon and deny compensation when faced with such proper documentation.
  • Informing the employer of the circumstances surrounding your injury or ailment: – A worker is legally required to inform his employer within 120 days of an injury or illness, if it is directly caused by his work. Failure to do so strips him of all rights to compensation and benefits. Even if the injury is so severe that it leaves you unable to physically communicate with your employers, make some arrangements so as to intimate to them the severity of the injury/ailment, and how you intend to proceed with your claim.

  • Availing a free consultation from Philadelphia Workers Compensation lawyers: – Understanding the myriad legalities surrounding the compensation claim process can be mystifying at times, especially to a mind stretched to the brink by stress and pain. A meeting with our legal experts helps workers understand what they are entitled to, and how to go about doing it. Once these workers choose to utilize our services, we go to utmost lengths to ensure that the entire compensation process, right from filing the claim to receiving the compensation amount is hassle free and smooth

Employees are eligible for compensation in the following cases

  • Loss of wages: – Any incident or illness that leaves the workers unable to work for an extended amount of time and leads to a drop in income enables them to claim for loss of wages.
  • Scarring: – The mental trauma of disfigurement is one that leaves workers eligible for compensation. Serious scars on head, face and neck due to work related accidents have to be properly compensated by the employer.
  • Permanent damage: – Serious accidents such as amputations and irreparable leave employees eligible for a lump sum pay-out, over and above general compensation.

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