Fast and efficient service is crucial in most walks of life and areas of business. This becomes especially poignant when it comes to serving clients throughout the stressful and often traumatic breakup of a marriage. It pays to ensure peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that proceedings are being handled by competent people who care about the results.

Legal Experts

When seeking legal counsel – as elsewhere – it pays to hire a company that are not only competent, but proven in their track record in the legal profession. So having a dedicated team of solicitors delivering expert advice and services to guide clients through the difficult and emotional navigations divorce brings, is vital. As is client awareness that your legal team has varied connections in specialist areas to keep abilities honed. Looking for solicitors in Nottingham therefore demands services that are pretty universal in this area, divorcing couples need advice and counsel to help them cope and adjust with seismic changes to their lives.

Advisory Committees

Navigating complex issues surrounding divorce law, child custody and financial division of assets equate to a constant study and evolving understanding of legal precedent. Enabling said skills to utilise services and advice to a wider area, for those less able to seek legal representation also is of vital importance for people to learn of their rights.

Resolution is an organisation of 6,500 solicitors dedicated to non-confrontational family law. Supporting lawyers in various regions of the nation, Resolution offers training for solicitors and mediators to work towards better reconciliation. Regional groups for Resolution are available throughout the UK, a quick search on their website returns 16 lawyers affiliated with this organisation in Nottingham alone. Resolution also published a manifesto in 2015, stating aims to improve measures of keeping divorces out of court and the introduction of a parenting charter to offer separated couples clarity on their parental obligations.

Peer Appraisal

Knowing the legal advice you have sought is bolstered by the recommendations of peers offers greater impetus for using them as counsel. Legal 500 and Chambers are cornerstones in law for acknowledging firms that go above and beyond in delivering excellence. Receiving praise from such eminent publications is an unparalleled accolade that makes a law firm stand out from competitors.

Work Outside the Office

Relate aims to help with relationship advice, providing expert care to over a million UK citizens. Having ties to an esteemed agency is itself a badge of honour and their skill with a range of outreach platforms (phone, email, live chat) provides contact to an organisation that is on the frontline of dealing with relationship issues.

Teaching and ensuring the breadth of legal practice spreads through generations should be heavily ingrained in an adept law firm’s ethos. A solicitor’s practice that sees extending learning and the benefit of experience to universities, such as the Nottingham Law School, as a duty, demonstrates a real world care for the betterment of propagating knowledge of law.