Polygraph test or popularly known as a lie detector exam is basically conducted in a bid to determine the truthfulness of any facts. There are agencies offering such services of lie detection to general public as well as to therapists, attorneys, government agencies, and corporation. There are many situations where you can opt for a Lie Detector Test.Some of these situations are mentioned below, just have a look at.

Theft Related to Employment

If the employer suspects any of his/her employees for embezzlement, theft or vandalism of property, then they may opt for a Lie Detector Test service from certified agency. This will provide the employers with the accurate results which can help them make wise and informed decision for their suspected employees.

Fidelity and Relationships Issues

If the trust and love is lost in any relationship, then it may take years to recover. In many cases it is found that the evidence of adultery is not accurate and hence in such situation the only way to reveal the truth is by conducting a Lie Detector Test on your partner.

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Attorney and Criminal Defence Services

These agencies also specialize in offering extensive criminal defence and attorney services in and around America. It is not mandatory for the attorney to hire the services of the Lie Detector Test agency for criminal defences, but it is suggested for evidences. The agency may also offer lie testing facilities in prison, if required. There are different criminal issues where the test can be conducted including homicide, assault, sexual assault, illegal drugs distribution, destruction of property, arson, vandalism, theft, robbery, fraud, weapon charges, victim statement verification, restraining order issues, sentencing issues, plea bargaining issues, motor vehicle accidents and violations.

Law Enforcement Lie Detector Test

The services of Lie Detector Test agency is not just only restricted to general public, but they also offer pre-employment and certain issue testing for law enforcement agencies. They may get special quotes for the tests based on their location and volume of tests.

Sex Offender Testing Post Conviction

Many jurisdictions in America have already created different programs to treat and monitor the sex offenders after their conviction and during their parole or probation times. Many of these programs demand for initial or episodic Lie Detector Test in a bid to verify the treatment compliance, recidivism and parole violations.

These were some of the services which you can expect from the Lie Detector Test agency in America.

What Does The Professionals do at Lie Detector Test?

The professionals from the company give the subject a date when they need to visit the examination centre to undergo the Lie Detector Test. there will be a polygraph detector machine which will measure the respiratory rate, heart rate and the amount of perspiration on the finger tips of subject.